Welcome to Wachusett House

Wachusett House is an independent living facility for those with low to moderate income. These quaint and quiet units are tucked into the woods of Princeton, MA, close to the center of town. There are sixteen units in total set around a central office and community space.

Each apartment consists of a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bath with a tub/shower. The living room and bedroom have wall-to-wall carpeting. Each unit has a parking space.

Apartment B

Office and Community Building

Qualifications for Residency

An applicant must be either sixty-two years of age or older OR handicapped/disabled regardless of age. Applicants must have an adjusted annual income no greater than $55,150 for one and $62,250 for two. Wachusett House abides by the Equal Housing Opportunity Act and does not discriminate. This is subsidized living through the U.S. Department of Agriculture Rural Development Program and is open to anyone within the income guidelines. This is not senior housing for Princeton residents. We keep an active waitlist and always accept applications.

Our History

Wachusett House was started by a group of volunteers—headed by Wes Dingman and Les Poole— who were looking to provide affordable housing for the elderly in Princeton. It opened in 1983 and is located not too far from the original Wachusett House location.

The original Wachusett House was a hotel in Princeton, MA located near the Town Common at the corner of Boylston Ave and Worcester Road (now known as Wesley Dingman Park). Visitors came by train and were brought to the hotel by horse and carriage. The hotel was built in 1822 and burned down in 1910.

Photo courtesy of the Princeton Historical Society

Wachusett House, 1869


How long is the waitlist?

There is no way to judge the length of time you'll be on the waitlist. We are required by Rural Development to prioritize people in the lowest income level first, and if they decline, we move on to people in the next income level.

What does Equal Housing Opportunity mean?

We do not discriminate against anyone who applies to live at Wachusett House.

I currently, or used to, live in Princeton, does this mean I have priority in living at Wachusett House?

No, as this is a federally funded facility, and we abide by the Rural Development guidelines. This facility is based on income levels.